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The pen is mightier than the pixel with envelopes

In the current era of digital technology, most of the correspondence is via e-mail and text. The long tradition of letter writing has fallen by the wayside and with her beautiful writing, elaborately decorated notepaper and matching envelopes. The hobby of writing pen pal has been replaced my Facebook and MySpace messaging, and instant information age has become by the time it used to take to pen a letter.

I have a theory that most of us have more or less forgotten how to use a pencil writing has become a slow and tedious compared to the available instant chat through MSN and other instant messaging services. Speed to which we all hope to have an answer in these days rarely leaves time for letters to make their way lazily through friends and family. And the effort to write, post and hoping it does not fit with our 'oh so busy life styles.

I think it's only reason to bring the art of writing letters again. We spend our lives running to get things done, and each time saving process allows us to do more. We must embrace the saving of time and actually use the time saved to something relaxing, meditation and, well, well. We all like receiving a letter in the mail, which is not printed on a previous visit anyway. The sight of a manila envelope that is neither normal nor white, with a name and address of love written on the front has an element of excitement. It encourages us to appear in the kettle, sit up and take ten minutes to get a reading.

Receiving a handwritten letter has the power to make a person feel special and worthwhile, but a quality experience. If someone has taken time out of your day to write a letter of love or friendship, which has a greater impact than an e-mail with the same content. This is a personal touch that is much meaning, and should be exercised more often than the annual birthday and Christmas cards, which generally are only a sample of feelings rushed mild.

Writing used to be a widely practiced art. Schools devote many hours to the perfection of the written word, and every stroke of a pen would perfectly executed. Pass the pen scribbles for writing today have nothing in the text lines clean unhesitatingly used to deliver letters. The pace to write clearly, and with a pen, leaving time for the mind to process thoughts and ideas, resulting in a more poetic way of communication. All agree that quality is more important than quantity, and I think the quality of a handwritten letter is more the amount of all free text messages can shake Gandalf on a stick.

Try adding a personal touch to make a letter a little more special. Make or decorate your own paper writing is a form, the use of colored envelopes is another. Adding stickers, stencils and transfers, or the use of special rubber stamps can add a memorable finishing touch. There are also kits available you can seal the envelope with his own brand of wax, it's almost worth getting a signet ring made especially for the end! Unlike an email with a thematic backdrop decorated with emoticons, email notification will be no undeliverable mail handwritten delivered by snail.

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Dominic Donaldson is an expert in the stationary industry.
Find out more about envelopes and how thay could help revive the art of letter writing at Colour Envelopes.

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